Hubris is the main reason USA has the largest number of Covid cases

The US needs a national masking mandate immediately

Photo by Juan Mayobre on Unsplash

Hubris gets in the way. If it is not invented here it must not be right.

Never one to let a crisis go to waste Trump and many Republican members of Congress could not resist making masking a political football. Hubris is on open display daily in their statements and rhetoric. Proud Americans who value individual freedom should not be obligated to wear face coverings. In Trump’s twisted view of the world only the liberal leftist coastal elites wear masks while the real heartland Americans are encouraged to go maskless and attend political rallies. Social media memes mocking the masked Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are the staple of right wing posts mocking liberals.

Wannabe writer and voracious reader. Love traveling and observing local cultures and traditions. Lived in India, Egypt, Singapore and retired in the Bay Area.

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